Bissinger\'s Molasses Puffs

Bissinger's Molasses Puffs

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Bissinger\'s Molasses Puffs
Bissinger\'s Molasses Puffs
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Bissinger\'s Molasses Puffs
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Many customers declare this unique confection among their all-time favorites.

The honeycomb center is handcrafted in our copper kettles allowing it to rise into a light, airy consistency.

It requires remarkable precision and control to achieve the exact texture before we pour onto marble slabs to remove the heat as quickly as possible.

Once cooled, we cut and chip the sweet honeycomb by hand before enrobing it in creamy and luscious chocolate.

Pairs well with: Orange Muscat, Oloroso Sherry, Baltic-style Ale, Imperial Stout 15 oz., Milk & Dark Chocolate

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