Wiseman House Sipping Chocolate 1 lb

Wiseman House Sipping Chocolate 1 lb

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Wiseman House Sipping Chocolate 1 lb
Wiseman House Sipping Chocolate 1 lb
Wiseman House Sipping Chocolate 1 lb
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A liquid chocolate so sublime you have to taste it to believe it. Wiseman House Sipping Chocolate is not hot chocolate, it is tiny delectable 100% pure chocolate morsels, with absolutely no fillers, that when added to piping hot water becomes a smooth sensual drink like no other! This unique form of chocolate is always a very appreciated gift!

~~~Inspire awe from your guests with this recipe for Delicious Chocolate Mousse.  This is so easy! 

1. Mix your chocolate (half Sipping chocolate granules and half water or milk.

2.Pour into a fancy cup or goblet, maybe about 1/3 of the way (very rich stuff) add a dollop of whip cream.


4.One shake of holiday sprinkles...last but not least, hook a mini candy cane over the rim of the glass!   ( most important, take credit for it, YOU did just make it)

5. Enjoy!  

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